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Martha Cove, Mornington Peninsula

Martha's Table Food Van

Martha’s Table; a cantina on wheels. There’s nothing quite like it for alfresco dining around the Mornington Peninsula.

Loaded with top quality food made from locally produced ingredients. The always changing Martha’s Table menu focuses on local produce 

Together we bring you maximum happiness through our masterful food creations.

Our seasonal menu is pushing the boundaries of mobile food offerings, it promises to surprise all. We deliver restaurant quality food at affordable prices right at your door step.

The simple but tastefully cooked food brings back childhood memories. Seasonal fare you just cannot resist. You can smell the roasting pork and cheesy fries from far and wide.

Indulge the modern looking classic dishes on offer such as a meatball SUB or the Pork Belly Croque Monsieur with its melted cheese goodness. You can also expect great quality fish and chips or schnitzel and burgers using the best meat and seafood the Mornington can offer.


Our home base

Love Marina Village

Martha’s Table Food Van is the beginning of the food and beverage offering being established by Martha Cove. It promotes the great things which are coming as part of the LOVE Marina Village development. Marina Martha Cove is transforming into a world class facility giving life to many more restaurants, bars, shopping and other retail offerings, all to comfort, indulge and entertain both locals and visitors. The bar is being set high for Marina style living in the region.

Where's the van?

Martha’s Table can be found here:

Last Sunday of every month
Sunday Sessions at the Briars

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Marina Martha Cove

The Kitchen Boss

Tamas Pamer

Tamas has enjoyed an extensive career in hospitality spanning almost two decades. He has held senior roles working in kitchens across Europe and the US, from 5-star hotels to leading restaurants, including a one-Michelin-star venue.


Chef Shane

Tasmania borne Chef Shane Bailey, he’s not a new kid on the block, having over 20 years of experience cooking across the globe from New Zealand, London and Australia. Chef Shane knows his produce having spent a number of years cooking around Mornington Peninsula’s great restaurants. Shane takes the locally grown produce and turns it into beautiful street food which no one can resist.

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We believe that simple pleasures are the best. We want our food to be for everyone so if you’re looking to pop your next event, why would you not choose us.

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