Our Wine Club has been created for wine enthusiasts who are enduring passions for fine wine and sharing new wine experiences. As a member, we invite you to uncork a new experience, relive special Martha’s Table memories, and extend our whine ethos for family and friends.

“Mixed Six Mystery Wine Box”

Sometimes scrolling through wines is hard, especially when pairing with certain meals. Martha’s expert wine team is here to help. Order a mystery wine box containing six bottles of new and old-world varieties. Tell us your favorite taste, or leave the decision up to us! Either way, we guarantee you’re in for a treat.

For Martha’s Table  Wine Club members, free home delivery and an additional 10% discount.

How to Become a Member

When you are at Martha’s Table next, simply fill out the subscription form with your details and you will receive Martha’s Table wine club membership card.


– Receive a 10% discount when spending over $50.00 on wine
– Priority booking for ”Winemakers’ Dinners” & special events
– Keep update with wine promotions and new release
– Enter to win a mystery wine box, valued at over $100
– Wine is delivered to your door when you spend over $100.


“The Winemaker Dinner Series”

A sensory journey of food & wine coming soon

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